Everyone is looking for greater happiness somewhere in their lives;
more money, more time, more love, greater health. How about you?
Are you living the life of your dreams?
sue on horse at living the dream ranch

Bootstraps A Woman's Guide to Personal Power

Welcome to the Ranch and Magical Equine Encounters!

For more than 20 years, Sue Kipperman Pighini has helped guide her clients nationally to discover their life’s passion. In that self-discovery process, many of these clients have birthed new businesses, overcome chronic illnesses and left unfulfilling relationships whether personal or professional in the process of discovering what "lights them up"!

Why add a horse to one's path of passion? The highly intuitive nature of a horse holds great wisdom for the human and will help guide each person on their path to fearless change. The horse mirrors back to each of us what we most desire to learn about ourselves.

The Programs

Livin’ the Dream Ranch offers both on-site and web-based self-discovery programs to help you design the life of your dreams:
  • Path of Passion
  • Body Wisdom
  • Bootstraps Bootcamp

The Transformation

  • Overcome Fear of Change
  • Discover your innate gifts & talents
  • Improve your physical well-being and health
  • Discover your life's Passion & Purpose
  • Change careers, living locations or relationships

The Coaching

  • One-on-one personal coaching
  • Group coaching for families and small businesses

"You are here to light up the passion of your life and shine it as brightly as you possibly can for all to see.
You are an example for all others on their path."

Bootstraps: A Woman's Guide to Personal Power By Sue Kipperman Pighini

News From The Ranch:

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Bootstraps A Woman's Guide to Personal PowerBootstraps: A Woman's Guide to Personal Power is now available.


Dear John and Sue, I don't know quite how to show you how much of an impact y'all have made in my life. The difference you have made has been seen by everyone else I am involved with. You have really changed the way I do things and the way I look at life...Hope to be back soon.
I love you both!

Virginia Client