Sue’s New Book Coming Soon!

  Finally getting a chance to check in with all of our friends to announce that I am writing a second book – Bootstraps 2:  Expect the Extraordinary – Saved by Three Angelic Whispers and the Soul of a Horse!  It has been great fun to be asked to speak on my next book and […]

Have you had a Near Death Experience? How you could help others!

Happy New Year – to a great 2015!  Join my second book as a contributor! I am writing a second book with the working title of  “Bootstraps 2:  Expect the Extraordinary – How My Life Was Saved by Three Angelic Encounters and Other Remarkable Stories”.  I am looking for other stories of Near Death Experiences […]

Happy Holidays from The Ranch! My Friend Diane and the Dalai Lama!

              Wishing everyone the most spectacular holiday ever! Many blessings, Sue and John             Diane Roadcap and the Dalai Lama      This wise quote comes from my friend, Diane Roadcap, an extraordinary intuitive with both humans and animals, who also happens to be […]

Don’t be near death as I was to find passion and purpose in your life! 5 regrets people make on their deathbed.

  42 years ago I was struck by lightning and was on my way to dying, when an angelic voice urged me to come back to earth to take care of my babies.  I was living a life of mediocrity. Since then I have asked myself what I could do to have the most exciting […]

Expanding your personal power through connection to another’s passion!

This past weekend John and I had the very fortunate opportunity to ride with Buck Brannaman, of “The Horse Whisperer” fame.  We rode with him last fall and I couldn’t begin to keep up with all of the new information.  But, this year, I “felt” his words of how to connect to the horse for […]

Bella at 6 weeks: Bringing Joy to All

Bella Skye is now 6 weeks old.  She has brought such joy to us all!  In the photos below you can see how she has grown and how she has brought joy and love to all her meet her.  People have stopped on the road and come down the driveway just to see her and […]

Live radio interview with Livin’ the Dream Ranch!

John and I were just interviewed on Close-Up Talk Radio and what fun we had.  The program is all about the magic of the horses and the humans they choose to work with.  We so hope you get a chance to listen to it.  The link is just below and it is only about 25 […]

Q & A from Mind/Body Conversation #1: Back Pain

  There have been several questions on the topic of back pain and “why do I have it”?!  First, I want to mention again from our last blog in the Mind/Body Conversation #1 that what we think is what is delivered to us.  It is called The Law of Attraction.  It doesn’t mean that we […]

Mind/Body Conversation #1

Welcome to Mind/Body Conversation #1 For more than 20 years, the concept of how our mind affects our bodies has been my passion.  I have studied the research of and worked with Meredith Young-Sowers, Dr. Div., a gifted medical intuitive; Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, MD, PhD, another gifted medical intuitive; Dr. John Sarno, a pain […]

Spectacular Time with “The Horse Whisperer”

Buck Brannaman, the original “Horse Whisperer”, from the movie starring Robert Redford   When you meet someone who lives their passion, they ignite the passion in you.  John and I traveled to Dover, DE to ride with Buck Brannaman, “The Horse Whisperer”, and then followed him to Clemson, SC to ride another 4 days. What […]