Do You Have a Bucket List? Now is the time!!

Have you created your bucket list yet?  I have been spending time with my 91 year-old mother at her retirement home here in Virginia.  Last week, as we were having lunch there, I could overhear the table next to us lament the exciting times in life that they missed out on – and now, it […]

Livin’ the Dream’s Eagle Protector

The eagle is a spiritual guide to greater awareness and personal power.  This eagle resides at Livin’ the Dream Ranch/Ocala, FL.   He comes each day to fish in our ponds.  We love watching him!  He is so magnificent!  

“How I Have Lived Each Day is All That Matters!” from my friend, Jill.

My friend, Jill, died five years ago today and our last conversation was SO profound!  She said to me: “Sue, how I have lived each day is all that matters”.  When I look back on her life, and mine since she has passed, I see how very wise she was.  Living each day with appreciation […]

Future Kentucky Derby Winners – LTDR Event #3

These two year old young horses are on their way to new owners and new lives as potential horse racing stars!  The closing sale prices at The Ocala Breeders Sale ranged from $40,000 to $1.8 million for ONE YOUNG HORSE!  Amazingly beautiful animals! All of the top trainers were there to buy their potential winners.  […]

Trip to Livin’ the Dream Ranch in Ocala – Event #2: Cavallo Circus

          Event #2 was the amazing Cavallo Gypsy Circus with the glorious Gypsy Vanner horses!  Beautiful long manes and playful personalities!  They came right up to us and tried to put their heads in our laps!  What fun! Rope artists on silk scarves climbing to the tent ceiling and trick riders […]

Trip to Florida – Event #1 – Speaking in Sarasota on Bootstraps

I had a wonderful time in Sarasota, FL talking to the Oaks Women’s Club on how Bootstraps came about.  A lightning strike put me on my Path of Passion! Read Bootstraps to learn how only fear can keep you from a life of joy!

Living on the Edge

The horse drawing below belongs to Melissa Pierce, a gifted psychologist/life coach, working in CO who has produced the most exciting life affirming Wisdom Cards.  Check her out!   If you are not living on the edge. . . you are taking up too much space! Cheering you on, Wisdom

We Can All Be Friends

      During a California wildfire rescue workers ran out of crates to place rescued animals, forcing them to put a fawn and  a bobcat kitten in an office together. When they got back they found that fawn and the bobcat cuddling and the pair became inseparable. Life is too short not to appreciate each day!!  […]

Horses and Humans Partner Up – Day 2!

Perry and Bandit are now “hooking on”, which means that Bandit respects Perry and wants to be able to help her by being there for her as her partner.  He “feels” the energy of her thoughts and wants to be close to her when her thoughts resonate with what is congruent with her desires.  Every […]

Horses and Humans Partner Up Video!

Click on the photo of Perry and Bandit to watch Livin’the Dream Ranch’s new video! Livin the Dream Ranch is now offering opportunities for our friends to discover our Horses and Humans Partner Up! Program to help our friends connect with their greatest Path of Passion. The YouTube video shows our friend Perry with Bandit […]