Q & A from Mind/Body Conversation #1: Back Pain

IMG_0271  There have been several questions on the topic of back pain and “why do I have it”?!  First, I want to mention again from our last blog in the Mind/Body Conversation #1 that what we think is what is delivered to us.  It is called The Law of Attraction.  It doesn’t mean that we are thinking of back pain, but we may be thinking about how we feel victimized by a certain situation in the present or the past.  Lower back issues represent the thought patterns of “I’m not enough” physically, emotionally, or financially.  We just feel that we are “locked into” a pattern that we can’t get out of.  When, in actuality, if we put into focus for 17 seconds what we truly desire our life to look like, that changes the vibration from “I’m not strong enough to make a change” to “I deserve everything wonderful I desire – NOW“.  You were born as an instrument of JOY and it is your job to bring JOY into your life and then, share that vibration with others just by being the real you.  The past path is gone.  The present path of passionate focus is what will give you the greatest happiness.

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