The Coaching

Sue’s one-on-one coaching helps guide her clients into discovering their own Path of Passion which can incorporate physical healing as well as the creation of a new life direction, whether personal or career related.  Step-by-step guidance helps take the fear out of change and infuses each client with courage.

Sue offers one-on-one coaching to give you a personalized opportunity to discover your answers to a truly exciting, new life!  The hour long session is $125 an hour and the session will be recorded in an mp3 file and sent to you via email for future listening.

Contact Sue to determine when you might want book your phone consultation:  (c) 941-685-7159  or


“Sue’s intuitive insight has helped me see myself in a more spiritual, energetic context.  She has helped lead me to my own Inner Power Source.  Her positive encouragement, practical wisdom, and generosity of spirit have inspired me to assert who I am, affirm my worth, speak my truth, follow my passion, and live my purpose.”

—K.P., Connecticut                                    

“I owe my recent business success to Sue.  As a partner in a hair-salon conglomerate, I began to feel burnt out.  After only three sessions with Sue, I opened my dream salon in January 2008 (with two more to come in 2009-11), realizing my true passion.  Sue’s coaching encouraged me to focus on my dream by writing about it clearly and concisely.  As everything kept falling into place, she helped me see that I was connecting to the Universal Law of Attraction.  Sue then worked with my son and husband.  What an incredible coach!”

–C.P., Florida