Have you had a Near Death Experience? How you could help others!

12b3a30726db18ca0e5382364e91b1b7 Happy New Year – to a great 2015!  Join my second book as a contributor!

I am writing a second book with the working title of  “Bootstraps 2:  Expect the Extraordinary – How My Life Was Saved by Three Angelic Encounters and Other Remarkable Stories”.  I am looking for other stories of Near Death Experiences that you or someone you know might want to share with the world at large.  Your name will not be used unless you want it to be.  The big picture objective of the book is to let readers know that they are never alone, that there is divine guidance for all of us.  So, if you would like to chat with me about NDE’s,  just email me at sue@livinthedreamranch.com.  I would LOVE to hear from you!

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