Expanding your personal power through connection to another’s passion!

IMG_0802 1620480_10152790200254614_4784842265262848710_nThis past weekend John and I had the very fortunate opportunity to ride with Buck Brannaman, of “The Horse Whisperer” fame.  We rode with him last fall and I couldn’t begin to keep up with all of the new information.  But, this year, I “felt” his words of how to connect to the horse for the horse’s benefit, not mine.  What a difference in Big Red – when I am here for him, and not here for my ego!  The horse knows when you change your thought patterns – they are highly intuitive, amazing animals.

The other fascinating change that took place for me was that I could actually feel Buck’s passion.  He is on the road for over 300 days a year both in the US and internationally, and he has been holding these clinics for 32 years.  No one can sustain that kind of energy teaching 6-7 hours a day, 4 days a week for over 42 weeks a year without being driven by a deep passion.  His passion is all about offering the horse a better life by educating the rider.

On my way home, I kept asking myself how his work translates into all of life, not just a life with horses.  For me, I am more fearless now in taking chances for creating a life of absolute joy because Buck helped me discover a way to do it safely and with joy, but at the same time, not allowing me to short-change myself with self doubt.  What a gift!

So, what gift can I give you, my friends and clients – take those chances you have been fearful of birthing!  Be brave to live in greater personal freedom.  Take one step to freedom at a time that will lead to so many more!  This one step at a time creates a life with a solid foundation.  Don’t hurry the process!

Enjoy your journey and cherish the results!

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