Spectacular Time with “The Horse Whisperer”

Buck Brannaman, the original “Horse Whisperer”, from the movie starring Robert Redford

  Buck and The PighinisWhen you meet someone who lives their passion, they ignite the passion in you.  John and I traveled to Dover, DE to ride with Buck Brannaman, “The Horse Whisperer”, and then followed him to Clemson, SC to ride another 4 days. What fabulous time we had- a total of 8 days in the saddle. The knowledge we gained was immeasurable.  We were enthralled with how Buck lives his dream of connecting horses with people for the betterment of both.

Even if you are not a horse lover, it is fascinating to watch someone so dedicated to what they do, that they are on the road over 300 days a year just to connect you with your passion.  His dedication teaches each of us how to live a life of greater self confidence by following a path that truly lights you up!



Sue with Nic in DelawareIMG_0725



John in Clemson



















If you haven’t seen the movie, “Buck”, it is a must see!    Hope you enjoy the photos of a truly exciting time!

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