The Programs

Sue and John at Livin’ the Dream Ranch offer clients the opportunity for passionate exploration of their dreams.  What or who keeps us from being who we desire to be?  We are all unique and come into this world with special gifts and talents.  What are yours?  Where can you find them?

We offer our clients web-based and phone session programs as well as on-site options to explore the life of their dreams.


Path of  Passion

Path of Passion is a 3-week long phone based program that guides the client through a step-by-step process to discover what “lights them up” and what they have always known was their heart’s desire.

What is the message from your Heart?

What is your Sacred Contract?

What is your Sponsoring Thought?

  • The phone sessions are one hour long, 1 a week for three weeks, with email support as you progress. All sessions are recorded and are sent to you as an mp3 file so that you can download the information and listen as often as you like.
  • Cost: $295


Body Wisdom (All Body Wisdom information is based on the Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing model)

Each organ and physical body system has a message of its own.  Each disease also had its own personality and personal message for you. When you combine the two messages, one from your body and the other from an illness, you receive a divine message from your soul guiding you to discover how to live in wellness.

Sue has worked with hundreds of clients who have had cancer, heart disease, OCD, eating disorders, and many other dis-eases who learned that their body is their loving ally, only here to protect them and keep them living fully.  Learn what your body has to say to you!

Do issues with your body keep you from living a full life?

Are you living in fear that an illness may occur again?

Are you struggling with manifesting and maintaining health?

We offer Body Wisdom in the following format:

  • A two-week phone and web-based program with email support that guides you into understanding what messages your body is giving you.
  • The phone sessions are one hour long and are recorded as an mp3 file for you to download and listen to at any time.
  • Cost: $225


Bootstraps Bootcamp

The on-site Bootstraps Bootcamp will use the horse to help guide the client to listen to their intuition about what they most want to learn about themselves whether it is in regard to their health or their future.  The horse will mirror back to the client where they most need to look at themselves.   This is an experiential program where both John and Sue teach.

John will help you with horse knowledge and understanding, and Sue will work with you to find the messages that the horse has for you.  The horses are loving and sweet but are truthful beyond all else.  They know us better than we know ourselves.

All work with John will be done on the ground unless the client requests time in the saddle.

Please contact John at 813-362-1401 or for a fee structure for riding lessons