Sue’s New Book Coming Soon!

  Finally getting a chance to check in with all of our friends to announce that I am writing a second book – Bootstraps 2:  Expect the Extraordinary – Saved by Three Angelic Whispers and the Soul of a Horse!  It has been great fun to be asked to speak on my next book and […]

Q & A from Mind/Body Conversation #1: Back Pain

  There have been several questions on the topic of back pain and “why do I have it”?!  First, I want to mention again from our last blog in the Mind/Body Conversation #1 that what we think is what is delivered to us.  It is called The Law of Attraction.  It doesn’t mean that we […]

Horses and Humans Partner Up Video!

Click on the photo of Perry and Bandit to watch Livin’the Dream Ranch’s new video! Livin the Dream Ranch is now offering opportunities for our friends to discover our Horses and Humans Partner Up! Program to help our friends connect with their greatest Path of Passion. The YouTube video shows our friend Perry with Bandit […]