Mind/Body Conversation #1

Welcome to Mind/Body Conversation #1 For more than 20 years, the concept of how our mind affects our bodies has been my passion.  I have studied the research of and worked with Meredith Young-Sowers, Dr. Div., a gifted medical intuitive; Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, MD, PhD, another gifted medical intuitive; Dr. John Sarno, a pain […]

Living on the Edge

The horse drawing below belongs to Melissa Pierce, a gifted psychologist/life coach, working in CO who has produced the most exciting life affirming Wisdom Cards.  Check her out!   www.touchedbyahorse.com   If you are not living on the edge. . . you are taking up too much space! Cheering you on, Wisdom

Horses and Humans Partner Up Video!

Click on the photo of Perry and Bandit to watch Livin’the Dream Ranch’s new video! Livin the Dream Ranch is now offering opportunities for our friends to discover our Horses and Humans Partner Up! Program to help our friends connect with their greatest Path of Passion. The YouTube video shows our friend Perry with Bandit […]