The Transformation

Life transformation occurs when you are willing to take chances for change.  Whether you are looking for change in your health or physical well-being or discovering your innate gifts and talents, each one of us are always looking for greater personal freedom in our lives – freedom to live the life of your dreams.  Sue and John Pighini offer this doorway to personal expansion at Livin’ the Dream Ranch with or without the guidance of horses.  Your transformation can begin by phone, in person, on the web or in a clinic on-site in Virginia or Florida.


Jan is a client whose story fits all of the above in quests for health, personal discovery of her talents and finding greater freedom in her life.

“Jan was 65 when we first met.  She had had stomach cancer, breast cancer and serious arthritis in her hands and feet.  She was in a very debilitating marriage with a husband who was an abusive alcoholic.  I was afraid for her life.  She was so fearful of trying to leave her marriage that she would almost rather die than take a chance that her life would be happier living alone.  We worked together for two years finding ways for Jan to become more independent.  Fast forward to April 2012, I was traveling to Boston and I saw an ad for her interior design services in the local Boston paper.  I was so excited for Jan.  Even though Jan was 70 years old, she had the courage to start a new life and explore her dreams of being free and fulfilled. “